Our secret weapon and key difference is Maryam Webster’s ETHOS Method. No other coaching program anywhere has the power and simplicity of ETHOS going for it. It will solve pesky blockages in a snap and boost your clients into the stratosphere and beyond – you’ll both love it!

ETHOS is an acronym that stands for:

Transformation and

The ETHOS Method created by Certified Energy Coach Program Director and veteran energy psychologist, Maryam Webster, is a free, configurable personal transformation and consciousness raising techology PLUS energy healing technique.

ETHOS works uniquely well to shift unhelpful states that clients find themselves in through fear, anger, sadness, trauma, negative thinking, physical symptoms and changing past, present and future. ETHOS is easily employed by everyone, kids to grands and works elegantly enough to satisfy the most discerning coaching and therapy clients.

Why ETHOS, When There Are Other Energy Therapies?

ETHOS was primarily created to address the needs NOT addressed by other energy therapies, and to provide a bridge when those methods do not work as can and does happen. In addition, to serve the need for a well-working personal transformation vehicle that cut across cultures in being non-dependent upon:

  • phrasing
  • viewpoint
  • education
  • personal history
  • physical energy channels (acupoints/meridians)
  • or spiritual preference

Seasoned therapists and coaches reading know that no one method works for 100% of the people, 100% of the time.

Even energy methods touted as “be-all, end-all” have notable failures that are generally under-reported and not given full disclosure in the method’s effectiveness statements. Both Maryam, and all of her trained coaches experienced such occasional failures personally – everyone does.

Nothing is a “magic bullet”, but with application, ETHOS can significantly narrow the effectiveness gap.


Maryam committed to finding a way to make an energy-based personal improvement method have more traction and permanent results. Her research found the usual reasons cited for failure (eg; mis-application or lack of persistence – which are typically downplayed as “user fault” rather than “method fault”) while valid, are by far not the only reasons for such failure.

Upon analysis, Maryam discovered several OTHER major reasons that were not being addressed, and created ETHOS to close this gap in effectiveness. ETHOS itself is not a be-all, end-all method, but one that certainly provides the average user ways of being very highly effective immediately upon learning, and can be used in conjunction with other energy therapy and consciousness tools and even with medical programs.

Third, the prime directive of most of the existing energy therapies today lack the one major dimension that automatically ensures a higher rate not only of effectiveness, but personal evolution. Creating an energy transformation method with a prime directive of  “no limitation” has significantly increased its effective range, speed and scope.

Finally, in the wake of restrictive licensing and usage constraints found in some helping methods, the need was felt to bring the best elements of many together with new tools into an entirely new form – one that will never be restricted, that is open for public usage and co-development to people worldwide. This is the essence of the term “open source”.

If you like Emotional Freedom Technique, Be Set Free Fast, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupressure,  ZPoint Process, Touch For Health,  Educational Kinesiology,  Therapeutic Touch, Neurolinguistic Programming, Body Talk and similar methods, you’ll love ETHOS!

Find out more and download the entire ETHOS Method at its own site here