The Certified Energy Coach® Program

Entrance Requirements & Registration FAQ

This is a fast-paced graduate level professional training and as such, adheres to the rules of timeliness, personal responsibility and academic accountability. As it is an immersion training of great depth, The Certified Energy Coach® Program requires students to fulfill the parameters of this Registration FAQ. These are relevant to both live class students, as well as students of our new, home-study course (available mid-2010) who choose to Certify.

Who is eligible for the Certified Energy Coach® Program?

This is a post-graduate level training to augment the efficiency and problem-solving skills of those in management, human resources and the helping professions. Implementation of our tools virtually prevents burnout and can help eliminate team conflict, personal issues and sick days, resulting in greater effectiveness. Anyone who manages teams or works with the public and is interested in gaining these invaluable skills is welcome in our Program.

You do not need to have prior professional coach training – if you do it does help, but is not a prerequisite.

This Program exists to hone and sharpen the problem solving and human resources problems of corporate and small business managers who want a leading edge, plus practicing professional life and corporate Coaches, Chiropractors, Psychotherapists, Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Acupuncturists, Hypnotherapists and others already trained and working in helping professions.

Applicants need to have an open mind and be willing to try on new concepts, ideas and ways of working. We teach a number of different Energy Modification Modalities that work well for different kinds of clients and their varied needs. While you may know other wonderful energy therapies, techniques or helping modalities to use, we focus in this Program on those which are extremely fast, have a reputation for working when nothing else will, and are easy to teach our clients.

What kind of “spirit” are you looking for in applicants?

The spirit of Give-to-Get and Sharing characterize the Certified Energy Coach®. Applicants are requested to be comfortable with that spirit in the work that they do, and be open to sharing their time and energy with their fellow Energy Coaches during class and mastermind calls, where we learn by practicing on each other. Continuing that spirit, we share with each other on a voluntary basis (come if you can) in our ongoing Certified Energy Coach community and quarterly CEC Community Calls. The Program additionally carries on outreach to the community at large, through Maryam Webster’s Everyday Bliss Coaching Company (Resource site:

What is the duration and weekly time consumption of the program?

LIVE VERSION:  TWENTY-FOUR HOURS total Classtime, THIRTY HOURS including bonus expert classes.

The Certified Energy Coach® Program is an immersion program, which comprises one, two-hour session per week for nine weeks. In addition to the eighteen hours of class, LIVE class students need to set aside six hours outside of class to participate in six mastermind meetings spaced throughout the course. Our six (to ten) hour bonus expert interviews and tutorial classes are held for student information and are highly recommended, but not required of the student. Though we occasionally finish sooner in the live class, students need to have the entire two hour classtime block free – no early leaving.

Live class students will in addition, need at least five hours a week free in your schedule to both read the Certified Energy Coach® Program Manual, answer homework questions (which need to be turned in to the homework forum at least 24 hours in advance of the next class), exchange at least a 45 minute energy coaching session with your class coaching budy, and of course, coach your own clients with what you’re learning.

Where do I go for meetings?

All live classes take place over the phone on a high capacity telephone bridgeline and in our online “eCampus”. You will be given the access codes and telephone number when you register, about a week before class begins. Homestudy students will listen to pre-recorded classes in this same online ecampus format.

We are privileged to have an advanced, online university with community forums, live chats, mastermind groups and resource areas for your reference, and to aid connections between our alumni and student body. You will be given the registration key to enter our online eCampus community and create your profile, introduce yourself and get familiar with the system the week before class begins.

As such, there are no physical class facilities, which makes it easy for Students in all parts of the world to access the Program. Unlimited long distance telephone packages now very inexpensive – you might wish to investigate this with your local telephone company. Skype is also a possibility for students outside North America.

What if I can’t make all class meetings? Can I still certify?

In the live class, you are allowed one excused absence during each month of the Program. If you absent more than twice during the Program, you will need to return and make up all meetings missed, before Certification can be granted.

If you are absent twice or less, you may still Certify, but will need to make up the time by listening to the recording of each meeting that you’ve missed, get in practice coaching with your clients and class buddy, and turn in all homework to our private homework forum BEFORE the next class period.

Homestudy students are on their own as far as how fast or slowly they wish to consume classes and course resources and may take up to a year to certify.

If I miss class, how can I get my questions answered?

For both live class and homestudy students, our forums provide unique 24 hour access to the mastermind of teachers and staff working with you as well as the expertise of your fellow students. You are encouraged to ask questions of Staff and your classmates if you do not understand something or must miss a class. Class buddies will be assigned live class students during the first and fourth weeks of class. You and your Buddy are practice partners for each other, there for support and mutual assistance. Program training assistants will be available specifically to help you answer questions and for any need related to the Program outside of class time.

We greatly encourage community, and encourage you to form close relationships with our Alumni as well as your fellow classmates – both in our online CEC Community as well as outside of it on a personal basis. All of the students and grads in the Certified Energy Coach® Program love helping out, and are great, high-quality people to know. In addition, they will be your practice partners and coaches, should you need work on yourself during the Program – and we all do, on issues large and small. While this is not a place to work on deeply personal issues, we do have a saying in The CEC: “If you come in with an issue, chances are you’ll leave without it!”

What about labs and the class mastermind group?

In our live classes, lab time takes place in practice with your buddy coach, and in the additional one hour weekly class Mastermind call which provides safe space for you to practice and receive constructive criticism. Labtime is where you practice the coaching techniques with each other in a supportive environment, are helped when and if you need it and have the latitude and safety to make mistakes. Labs are every bit as important as lecture and homework, and your attendance during labtime and with your class coaching buddy outside of class is required. Other labs may be arranged at student request if necessary. Four weekly hours of coaching practice outside class are required, as you can only truly learn by doing.

For homestudy students, lab time is up to you to arrange, with documentation to be turned in as part of your weekly homework. It is up to you to find clients and coaching buddies to practice with.

How much homework is there and what is required?

All weekly assigned homework is required to be turned in by live class students the week it is due. We do not accept homework late except under extraordinary circumstances, and we do not Certify anyone who does not have all homework turned in. Homestudy students need to turn in all homework and lab documentation before they apply for Certification.

Not all chapters of the Program Manual have homework associated with them, but for those that do, you are required to answer all questions and turn them in BEFORE the next class period – even if you have missed class.

The other component of homework is technique practice. Practice happens for live class students both in your buddy coaching calls, the class mastermind call as well as with your own clients. For homestudy and live class students, working with clients (either your regular paid clients or friendly “volunteers”) is part of each and every week’s homework assignment. Consistent practice of the techniques is the way you will get Energy Coaching “in the bones”.

Most find one or two hours per week to be sufficient for written homework.

What kind of clients will I work on?

While live students will be working on other coaches in the Program (and they on you), you will need a source of clients or employees you are working with outside the Program to practice energy coaching techniques with. While you will preferably be using Energy Coaching with your existing employees or clientele, practice clients need not be paying clients, and can be friends, family or willing colleagues. You will need to know where to obtain practice clients who will be willing to participate in Energy Coaching, and give you honest feedback.

What about ethics and liability?

The Code of Ethics of your primary profession and the limitations of your license/s if any, will guide how you will legally apply Energy Coaching within your practice. Further, Certified Energy Coaches® are bound by our own CEC Program Ethical Code and  state or local laws governing such professions.  It behooves any practitioner to inform themselves broadly on these subjects and to ensure personal adherence, speak to an attorney well versed in these matters for your locality.

Applicants are 100% responsible for their experience and use of the materials, techniques and teachings in The Certified Energy Coach® Program. While we know these techniques are generally very safe, The Certified Energy Coach® Program cannot assume any liability for the Participant, their Clients, or how they use any technique, resource, or other material taught in this Program. We will discuss practitioner liability, sources of liability insurance and related issues in class.

What does The Certified Energy Coach® Program cost?

Tuition in The Certified Energy Coach® Program was $1447 for the 2008 calendar year. The homestudy version of the Program has not yet been priced – details will be available in mid-2010.

Still on the fence? Download our intro call plus power-packed first week of class and register for updates, here: CEC Startup Kit.

If you’re ready to register, you can do that by clicking here to proceed.

Is The Certified Energy Coach® Program a worthwhile investment?

While only you can make that determination, your mentees will produce far better work, and everyone you teach these techniques gains a better standard of life, health and wellbeing. You cannot put a price on that.

Additionally, The Certified Energy Coach® Program represents a tremendous value by combining the contents of eight to ten full-week and weekend workshops, giving you up to THIRTY HOURS of training and master classes, mastermind group process and EXTRA BONUS “art of delivery” interviews & classes with the Technique Creators and true Experts in the field. Again, these resources are priceless.

Plus, as far as increasing your network and outreach, you couldn’t have a better environment. There is unprecedented networking and both self and network growth potential in our state-of-the-art online eCampus, mastermind groups and with your personal coaching buddies.

Our constant evolution of the field ensures you stay on the leading edge, while further classes in our curriculum at the Energy Coach Institute provide you with full scale business and marketing training if you need it, plus focus coaching groups designed to help you leverage the power of the mastermind and get you where you need to be.

We want to see you succeed in your business as an Energy Coach, and we go the extra mile to help you make that happen!

Is the CEC Program regulated by any outside agency?

The Certified Energy Coach® Program is an independent, graduate level training program and credential grantor, subject only to regulation by The Energy Coach Institute, and not affiliated with any outside credentialing agency.

This independence allows us to maintain flexiblity in both teaching and research not possible under regulation by an external governing body. We maintain this position for the purpose of teaching the techniques we know serve both client and coach superbly well, regardless of their recognition by other professions or credentialing agencies.

Do you offer CE’s CCEU’s or other Continuing Education credits?

Currently we do not offer continuing education credits, but your organization may approve CE hours for our Program if you submit the relevant paperwork. Check with your own orgainzation prior to enrollment if this is important to you. We are happy to provide documentation to your professional association’s Continuing Education Director for CE/CCEU accreditation.

What are my technical and personal requirements?

In order to complete this course, you will need: :

  • An updated computer with a soundcard (if you can listen to audio on your computer, it has a soundcard) and daily email access.
  • A Land-Line Telephone to call class with. You will need a good Headset for your phone, for ease of practicing the Energy Methods in class.
  • The time and space in your schedule to do homework and practice the techniques.
  • NOTE: While this is not an appropriate course to work on deeply personal issues, as with any training in a helping profession, you will be both working on yourself, your colleagues in the training and on clients using the energy coaching techniques. This can raise personal issues, but there are generally ample resources to deal with these built into the Program itself. Great personal growth is one of the many great benefits and outcomes of this training.

When and where do I register?

The Certified Energy Coach Program is currently in hiatus as we have hundreds of hours of audios and transcripts to go through to create the best CEC Home Study Course possible. We are targeting mid-2010 for its introduction.

Can I Certify With The CEC Home Study Course?

Yes, you will be able to get certified through the CEC Home Study course. After registering, you will have an initial interview, will need to submit homework and client case studies as required, then apply for and pass the certification exam when you are ready. After an exit interview with Director, Maryam Webster, you will be sent your certificate and be listed in our Directory of Graduates.

In addition, those certifying through our new 2010 Home Study Course will be enjoy all-new “Coaching With The ETHOS Method” material, in addition to the regular ETHOS Method tutorial portion of class.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be happy with your decision to go through The Program. Our students generally find The Certified Energy Coach® Program a superbly crafted training of great value. If however, you find The Program is not your cup of tea, you may apply for a refund at any time before close of business (6pm Pacific Time) on the First Day of class. For Home Study students, this would be the first full 24 hours after you purchased the course.

We will be glad to refund your purchase price, less a nominal service charge. Past close of business on the first week of class, refunds are not available.

I hope this answers your questions. If I may be of any further help to you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

To Your Success!
Maryam Webster, Director
The Certified Energy Coach® Program
for The Certified Energy Coach® Student & Alumni Community

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