Maryam Webster: Creative Director

Maryam Webster, author of Everyday Bliss for Busy Women: Energy Balancing Secrets for Complete Health and Vitality developed and leads the Certified Energy Coach training program and has a thriving private practice serving the needs of Professional Women in mission-driven Leadership. She has both bachelor and master degrees in Educational and Counseling Psychology and Industrial Psychology from the University of Missouri, and enjoyed a thriving psychotherapy practice for twenty-five years. She famously healed herself of paraplegia and nine years bedridden with paralysis, after being rear-ended by a drunk driver. It was during this timeperiod she researched and developed many of the transformation techniques we still use and teach today.

The outcome of Maryam’s research was incorporating Coaching and Energy Psychology with her executive business clients, then codifying and naming the new profession of Energy Coaching in 2001. In designing curriculum for her Certified Energy Coach Program, Maryam has drawn on her nearly three decades of experience as a personal and business psychologist and trainer in America and Europe, plus the following which influence her work:

  • Past Board Member and regular conference presenter of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
  • Past Director of Marketing to the Institute for the Advanced Study of Health (IASH),
  • Graduate of the Certified Professional Coach program at Coach University (CoachU)
  • Certified Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (M.NLP) and Master of World Health Techniques
    with The NLP and Coaching Institute of California.
  • Adjunct Faculty teaching the first-ever Energy Coaching program “Coaching the Invisible”
    at the former Graduate School of Coaching 2001-2004.
  • Teacher/facilitator level in Touch for Health, Educational Kinesiology, Therapeutic Touch, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy and the popular laying-on-of-hands style healing method, Reiki, under various teachers in England and America.
  • Certified with Dr. Pat Carrington in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-CC),
  • Trained in Advanced EFT and Provocative Energy Techniques by Steve Wells, Dr. David Lake, and EFT creator Gary Craig.
  • Trained to use Energy Psychology with multiply traumatized clients through ACEP President Mary Sise,
  • Trained in Energy Therapies as Allergy Antidotes, with Dr. Sandi Radomski.

In the summer of 2008, Maryam’s decades of teaching, training design and therapeutic expertise culminated in her newest and most warmly welcomed achievement: The ETHOS Method, now creating freedom and joy for Certified Energy Coach Program students and the public in the core curriculum at the Energy Coach Institute.

ETHOS is a culture-free, exceptionally accessible personal transformation method that is designed to work where others don’t, and has been made completely free to the public to use, teach and profit from. A basic primer, audio class and tutorials are available at the site for public use. ETHOS was taught for the first time ever to professionals in the 2008 Certified Energy Coach Program, and is a featured technique taught at the Energy Coach Institute, as part of the core curriculum.

You can visit Maryam’s Energy Coaching website for Women Leading the Revolution, here

Trainers, Program Instructors & Co-Facilitators


Nina Price, L.Ac. Certified Energy Coach Program Instructor

With MBA, LMT, CEC and National and California Licenced Acupuncturist degrees, Nina is highly trained in topics as diverse as marketing, brand management, massage, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Nina provides a rich palette of tools and techniques along with her own unique teaching style and extra tutorial in acupoint technology. Students enjoy Nina’s extra in-depth insights into the meridian energy techniques and gentle facilitation of the CEC Program coupled with strong business practice skills from her years as marketing executive with Cisco Systems.

Nina’s experimental spirit and willingness to try on new tools and techniques is of especial benefit to those who may already have some energywork training. She maintains an international energy coaching and business coaching practice in Palo Alto, California.

Sabrina Reich: Certified Energy Coach Program Instructor

With an MBA and years running an international business, Sabrina, joining us from Zurich, Switzerland is a wonderful addition to our growing body of knowledge on how to successfully market an Energy Coaching business.

Multiply certified in Emotrance, Neurolinguistic Programming, ZPoint Process and Emotional Freedom Technique, Sabrina brings a rich array of tools A popular local EFT teacher and indefatigable cheerleader of CEC students, Sabrina provides world class enthusiasm to her role here as Program and Masterminds Coordinator, in addition to teaching the CEC material.

Elizabeth Austin: CEC Program Co-Facilitator

Multiply-talented Elizabeth is a CEC graduate with a background in a variety of energy therapies including Kundalini, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and EFT. Her first career was an Intensive and Coronary Care RN and nursing teacher, and her current nursing is as a Faith Community Nurse, heading up the Health Ministry Team at her church. Certified as a Life Coach by The Coaches Training Insitute in 2001, Elizabeth loves working with visionaries, social artists and people who feel called to make the world a better place.


Betsy Muller: CEC Program Co-Facilitator

A CEC graduate with an MBA in Systems Management, and Certification as an Energy Health Practitioner (C-EHP) from ACEP, Betsy’s expertise includes group medical practice management, business-to-business sales, human resource management, government affairs, wellness education, and financial management. Her previous employers have included both large and small businesses: PPG Industries, BP Oil Company, Southwest General Health Center, and OsteoMed II Inc.

Padma Desai: CEC Program Co-Facilitator

A CEC graduate with Certification as an Quantum Touch healer, Padma brings a world of healing therapies to the students at the CEC and to her clients. In practice in New Jersey, Padma is an active teacher of Quantum Touch and teaches locally. Adept in EFT and Bach Flower Essences, Padma provides superior support, guidance and wisdom to her coaching clients. Padma also has a special mission to work with the dying, and is a Qualified Hospice Volunteer with a B.A. and an M.A. in Political Science and International Affairs from UCLA.

Cristofir Aven: CEC Program Co-Facilitator

Cristofir is an accomplished artist and CEC graduate with Certification as a Human Design Specialist. She also studied for and received an Advanced Certificate of Completion in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Cristofir’s experience includes re-parenting coaching and she is the author of “EFT Playbook for Parents”. Cristofir is practitioner of Huna Kane, and enjoys coaching her clients to be the “best parents they never had”.

Martha Mayo: CEC Program Co-Facilitator

Martha Mayo has been a massage therapist since 1993 and is a very happy and excited graduate of the Certified Energy Coach program. She has become certified in pastoral counseling, deep tissue massage, cranio-sacral therapy, massage cupping, spa therapies and Alphabiotics. She traveled to Austria to complete certification in Manual Lymph Drainage and is a Certified ZPoint Process Practitioner. In addition, she was privileged to study energy work with Rosalyn Bruyere. Her desire is to awaken her clients to the incredible potential for an expandsion that dwells within each one of them.

CJ Arnaudo : CEC Program Co-Facilitator

CJ is a graduate of The Certified Energy Coach Program and a whole lot more. Versed in NLP, TFT, EFT and many other techniques, CJ is an old freedom fighter from way back, having a history in the sociology of mass movements and working energy at the Berkeley student actions in the 60’s. She enjoys teaching and spending time with her grandchildren, keeping on the “Quantum Adventure”.

Lisa Saubolle: CEC Program Co-Facilitator

Lisa’s private practice combines hypnotherapy with a variety of energy therapy and healing methods. She has extensive training and experience in intuitive energy healing, studying with both Jeanine Sande and Rosalyn Bruyere, natural healer and author of the chakra classic, Wheels of Light. Lisa left her job as Associate Director of a small non-profit to create a healing practice in Santa Cruz, CA. A desire to help clients resolve emotional blocks and enhance healing has since led Lisa to study and incorporate Gendlein’s Focusing, transformational hypnotherapy, medical hypnosis and energy therapy modalities such as EFT and Emotrance into her work.