Quantum Energy Has Officially Arrived In the Workplace!

This dynamic program now benefits more than the traditional and highly effective uses by practicing Coaches, Psychotherapists, Acupuncturists, Nurses, Chiropracters, Bodyworkers and others in the helping professions.

The Energy Coaching modality has transcended the practical applications in the psychological, emotional and spiritual fields, and is now being practiced in corporate America and beyond!

Now managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR professionals and others in the office can become Energy Coaching Practitioners and be known as The Closer, The Problem Solver, The Cleaner, The Miracle Worker or any other title you can think of that equates with the triumphant arrival of new solutions that work a thousand times better, more cost effectively and with the added return of greater health and wellness.

Whether you’re just now learning about Energy Coaching or you’re already convinced of its power and you’re ready to incorporate this into your existing employee relationship model, you will discover the most cutting edge research on:

  • the largest untapped well of energy in the world – and in your workplace
  • how to instantly busting blockages
  • stomping out internal gremlins
  • how applying these methods can greatly augment your current employee motivation and disciplinary techniques

Energy Coaching has the reputation in the coaching industry of being a huge client magnet, that keeps clients joyfully coming back for more and referring their friends like crazy. And in larger companies, Energy Coaching removes employee and team-based barriers to greater profits, lowers incidence of sick days and creates greater employee satisfaction.

The successes clients and employees experience in an Energy Coaching session simply can’t be found elsewhere. And as an on-site Energy Coach you can be the go-to person in your company whenever pertinent, seemingly unsolvable employee issues arise.

To get a glimpse into the raw power of Energy Coaching just listen to one of our students on her in-class session with Program Director, Maryam Webster:

“…By the time Maryam got around to anchoring my success, I would have paid her ANY AMOUNT (speaking as a client) to be able to bottle that feeling. Also, because I was so able to completely and deeply feel that successful time in my life, I would willingly return to her for her services because I felt SO good. And all because of this amazing magic!”
– Kat King, Student Energy Coach


This is the kind of thing Energy Coaches hear every day
and is typical of the kind of experience the
client or employee has in-session.

You can be the one to stop problem employee
issues or client crisis in its tracks.

How’s that for job security?

This Professional Development Program will help you to:

  • Understand why energy modification techniques are a cutting-edge value-add for your company, or your clients, and GREATLY INCREASE your effectiveness in delivering these methods (Five modes taught) in a pro-active way
  • Greatly increase your professionalism in teaching and sharing energy therapies with your clients or staff which will create remarkable, almost unbelievable attitude and productivity turnarounds fast, literally at the speed of thought!
  • Learn ‘how to’ from initial diagnostics through education, treatment plans, group work, special programs & must-do initial patterns that will ROOT OUT personal blockages to success and keep them gone, PERMANENTLY.
  • How to Handle the one to two percent who aren’t responding to the work – and learn why such non-response is the person’s TICKET TO FREEDOM on their issue

Unsure if this is Legal or Ethical in a Work Environment?

We’ll Dispel All the Myths So You Can Coach
Your Employees With Confidence

We explore the ethics & legalities of using energy therapies by themselves, and also as adjuncts to your current coaching, employee motivation and discipline methods.

We teach you where to go and what, legally, you can do with Energy modification therapies. There’s even a special guest expert bonus class that will examine this important topic in depth.

The Certified Energy Coach Program Curriculum:

Session 1: What Coaching Is, Why you’re already a Coach, what the difference between psychotherapy and coaching is…and how to avoid crossing the line. Using the “coach approach” as a tool, How and when to coach.

Plus: Energy Convincers 101 and Energy System Basics


Session 2: “What the Heck Is this Stuff?!” And why learning it will make You the Luckiest Person in the World.

Keep it Pure and Clear with Energy Hygiene: How to Ensure Your Body, Mind and Spirit are running on the highest grade, Premium Pure Energy.

Plus The Basic Practitioner Techniqes of The Meridian-Based Energy Transformation Modalities:

Overview of the key transformation tools from techniques including Touch For Health, Neuro-vascular holding, Emotional Stress Release, Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique, TAB – Touch And Breathe and the technique that is the bridge between meridian and intentional techniques: The ETHOS Method.


Session 3: “It really IS All In Your Mind” The Intentionally Based Energy Transformation Modalities: Points from the clinical protocols of Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), ETHOS Method and in-depth work with ZPoint Process

And: If your “Yay! Clients are Here!” is more like a “Holy cow, what now?!” – What to do from the second the client enters the door.

Plus: In-Class Lab on Coaching with the Intentional Transformation Modalities


Session 4: Getting To the Heart of the Matter – More on ‘the Initial Client Meeting: Diagnostics, Education and how to take a client History

Plus: In-class Lab on Coaching With The Meridian Transformation Modalities


Session 5: The Fine and Gentle Art of Clearing Blockages, Reversals and Limiting Beliefs:

Bonus: Working on Our Own blockages to being the “Best You”, that you already are: This is the day we open up Infinite Possibilities for all of us.


Session 6: “Once the Cow is Out of the Barn…” – How to formulate and Adjust your Energy Coaching Plan in accordance with the changing and often surprising needs of the client.

Plus Energy Medicine, Brain Gym and some New Twists on Pivoting with Finely-Pointed Awareness.


Session 7: Spinning Money With Energy Coaching: ‘Creating Special Programs, Niche Offers & Working with Groups

Plus: In class lab on Coaching with Your Choice of Meridian or Intentional Energy Coaching Methods.


Session 8: What To Do When: ‘Ethics, Legal Considerations, Liability, Disclosure and Disclaimers’

Plus: In Class lab: Live Demo Coaching for your Final.


Session 9: “How to Unpickle Yourself”: In-Session Troubleshooting & Client Followup

Plus: The Marketing of an Energy Coaching Business & Live Coaching Demo Final Roundup.


Session 10: Certification: Your Certification Requirements, exit Exam, License to use the material and Practical Recommendations

THOSE COMPLETING all Program objectives, case studies, demo coaching, exit exam and a personal interview will receive Certification as an Energy Coach with emphasis on Professional Procedure & Practices.


Advanced Energy Coaching Techniques

This 4 Module, month-long training features Advanced Techniques from the NLP, Energy Medicine and Energy Coaching fields. A thorough in-depth discussion and training around the NLP Re-Imprinting and Re-Coding Decisions processes is taught, as used with Energy Medicine adjuncts, “ET Touch” and other new innovations in Somatic Process and other energy modification modalities. Available only to graduates of The Certified Energy Coach Program

Both CEC 101 and the CEC Advanced Program will help you add Energywork Modalities to the valuable services you already offer your clients, get you started as an Energy Coach as a primary specialty, plus provide seasoned Energy Therapists with tools to hone and tighten their professional practice.