We require all of our Certified Energy Coaches® hold to our own CEC Ethical Code and consider themselves to be informed by and adhere to the ethical code of their own professional association.

The Certified Energy Coach® will in all ways at all times practice the helping profession in which they were trained with the utmost of integrity and in complete concordance with that profession’s own Code of Ethics. Each Certified Energy Coach® is advised to maintain professional standing in their field and to keep licenses and certifications if any, up to date. In addition to those pre-existing Codes of Ethics we require the following of our Coaches:

1 ) The Certified Energy Coach® has as their highest consideration the wellbeing of the client and will never misrepresent their training, certifications or licenses if any, nor their expertise in delivery of various services.

2 ) The Certified Energy Coach® only works with Coachable clients – not with a clinically psychiatric population or those with medical diagnoses severe enough to impair client judgement. It is up to each Coach to determine where in the “grey zone” between coaching and other services that line falls however, and to take ultimate responsibility for that choice.***

3 ) The Client is seen to be a part of the Coach’s energetic matrix as when working together, both are connected in the energy field. This given, the Certified Energy Coach maintains a professional demeanor and distance from the Client that allows them the best perspective to provide superior services.

4 ) The Certified Energy Coach® knows when and how to refer to other professionals that would better suit a client’s needs and does so without hesitation. The Certified Energy Coach® keeps at their disposal a comprehensive list of practitioners of other services to refer the Client to in case of need, and does so willingly in the spirit of collegial cooperation for what best serves the client.

5 ) The Certified Energy Coach® maintains professional and courteous relations with other professionals at all times. The Certified Energy Coach® respects the property, copyright and personal opinions of others and never resorts to verbal or written disrespect or plagiarism. We hold ourselves as our community in a state of loving Presence attempting at all times to be a conduit for and leave others with positive feelings in every interaction.

6 ) The Certified Energy Coach® provides their Clients with a clear description of their services, prices and range of expertise.

7 ) Before completing Certification, the Coach is responsible for turning in client case studies and may in other ways share information about their clients for the purposes of Certification. During this period as during their entire scope of practice, the Certified Energy Coach® will keep absolute Client Confidentiality. Client names, addresses and other identifying information are never divulged for any reason unless required by law. In supervisory discussions, Energy Coaches in training will at all times use aliases to ensure client confidentiality, unless specifically authorized by the client, in writing.

8 ) Certified Energy Coaches® living in states with Citizen Health Freedom Laws (such as California’s 2002 SB577 Health Freedom Act) are required to provide their clients with a copy of the law and inform clients of their rights to obtain any wellness service the practitioner might legally offer, regardless of whether the practitioner is licensed in another profession or not.

9 ) The Certified Energy Coach® agrees that their accountability to The Certified Energy Coach® Program for any breach of this Code of Ethics may include loss of their Certification for a period of time not less than three months, during which repairations must be made for Certification to be restored.

*** LEGAL NOTICE: The Certified Energy Coach® Program bears NO legal responsibility for the actions of Coaches trained by us. Each Energy Coach at the time of certification is deemed well able to bear sole responsiblity for their actions and is trained to a high level of competence as demonstrated through thorough testing and observation of coaching style and content.