To increase the professionalism and increase the toolset of dedicated Energy Coaches even further, we offer an optional four Week ‘Energy Coaching Advanced Practicum’ designed to get at the heart of your client situations, offer brainstorming on best practices plus advanced techniques, ethical training and troubleshooting.

This Professional level Practicum will help finesse the way you use Energy Work modalities and weave them into the valuable services you already offer your clients or employees. You will also expand your “art of delivery” ability – even seasoned Managers, Coaches and Therapists will relish the rational, experienced input to hone and tighten their professional application of coaching technique.

You may enroll to participate in Advanced Energy Coaching if:

  • You have already taken the basic Certified Energy Coach Program.
  • You want to go further, faster.
  • You want to increase your skills and efficiency in Energy Coaching.
  • You want feedback on your own coaching and to serve in giving feedback to others.
  • You would like to Teach the CEC Program – Advanced Practicum is a Pre-Requisite.

Those completing Practicum will receive a Certificate of Completion
in Professional Energy Coaching Expertise and Practice Development.


Ongoing Community Center Alumni Support

To provide for ongoing support and open dialogue around issues and new techniques in the Energy Coaching Community, the CEC Program has its own private Online University and Community environment, with an Alumni Center containing social networking forums, new technique area, private journals, opportunities to participate in research, an ”Energy Marketplace”, quarterly community meetings and more, available to all graduate student alumni in good standing.